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Shop-Dovgan.de - Catalog / Confectionery / Sweetened condensed milk caramel, 6% fat, 397g
Sweetened condensed milk caramel, 6% fat, 397g[26020397]

Price: 1.79EUR - 4.51 €/1kg

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Caramelised condensed milk, viscid, heat-treated - For baking, as a complement to desserts or for use as a spread Sweetened caramelised condensed milk is also popular in Russia and is commonly used as a crème for Russian wafer tarts. Condensed milk is spread on the wafers, which are then left in the fridge for a while to set. The result is a delicious dessert. In the past, a tin of sweetened condensed milk would be warmed in a water bath over a low heat for around 3 to 4 hours. This would cause the sugar in the milk to caramelise, thus creating a kind of caramel milk. Nowadays, we offer caramelised condensed milk as a ready-made product, which saves users a great deal of time and can be used straight away as cream for tarts.

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